Why should the time of applying facial mask not be too long?

Why should the time of applying facial mask not be too long?

When the facial skin is exposed to the air, the skin absorbs moisture from the air if it contains less water than the air. Until the balance is reached. If the skin has more water content than the air, the skin's water will continue to lose, until the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands covers the skin surface, forming a sebum membrane, blocking the loss of water. So no matter who has the water content in the facial skin and the air is higher and low, and finally it will achieve the balance of moisture volatilization and absorption, so that we will neither feel the dry and tight skin, nor feel too moist.

When applying the mask, because the mask cloth has water absorbent ability, if the water content of the facial skin is greater than the mask cloth, the moisture will be transferred from the facial skin to the mask cloth, and then lost into the air. That is to say, apply facial mask not only can not give the skin water, but can take moisture away from the skin above, so that the skin will become more dry, so the time of apply facial mask should not be too long or too short, it is generally in 15 minutes or so.

Under normal circumstances, apply facial mask time is best 15-20 minutes or so according to the situation, because 15 to 20 minutes is the best period of skin absorption facial mask nutrition, and in this time period the skin will absorb nutrition will reach saturation state. Apply facial mask time should not be too long or too short, also should not be frequently used unless special needs, too frequent use of facial mask nutrients too much may make the skin can not bear to lead to skin damage. After applying the facial mask, it is recommended to wash off the excess facial mask fluid on the skin with clear water, and then use the toner, lotion, face cream and other products to help lock up the moisture and nutrients in the skin, so that you can achieve a very good skin care effect.


The principle and efficacy of the facial mask

Mask is helpful for our daily skin care, the premise is to choose the right mask and use the method is correct. Mask is through a layer of film applied on the skin makes the skin in a short time in a closed state, so that the skin temperature rises rapidly, pore relaxation to deep water replenishment, supplement skin nutrients, whitening requirements, mask can enhance cuticle permeability promote epithelial tissue cell metabolism, some mask and the effect of cleaning.

Compared with other skin care products, the mask has two most obvious features. First, it can provide intensive care in increasing the temperature of local skin in a very short time; second, the mask liquid uses a lot each time, much more than cream. So the facial mask can play a role of intensive care in a very short period of time.


pay attention to:

The number of applying facial mask should not be frequent, generally speaking, not more than twice a week more insurance, too frequent use of too much may make the skin water content is too high, resulting in eczema or contact dermatitis.

After using the facial mask, it is recommended to wash off the excess essence with clear water, use a wash face towel to wipe the dry after cleaning, and then use water milk to help the skin lock the moisture nutrients in the skin, so that you can achieve a very good skin care effect.


Beauty and skin care methods can apply a mask on the face every day or apply some moisturizer, for the skin moisturizing improvement of dim have a certain effect. Still can eat a few foods that contain vitamin more at ordinary times, for example apple or banana, also can eat a few tomatoes, because contains a lot of vitamin c inside, not only be conducive to skin care, and also have whitening ingredient.

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