Why is Gua sha so popular?

Why is Gua sha so popular?

Hey Discount found in a survey data released last month, scraping was the third most popular beauty trend of this year after retinol and graphic eyeliner (Graphic Liner), based on Google engine searches, Instagram tag usage and TikTok (overseas edition trill) views. As of September 9th, the scraping hashtag entry # guasha has received more than 1.3 billion page views on TikTok.

As a traditional Chinese natural therapy, the Chinese people are no stranger to scraping and massage. Simply put, scraping is based on the meridians theory of traditional Chinese medicine, through the specific scraping instruments and appropriate cooperation with techniques and lubrication media in the body surface repeatedly scraping, so as to achieve the role of blood circulation and blood stasis, collateral relaxation, detoxification and detoxification. In principle, scraping can be carried out in the back, neck, limbs and other parts of the body, while the head and face need to be more gentle in the strength and technique. Due to the relatively simple operation, low cost and effective results, scraping is widely used in daily health care.

Although the efficacy of "scraping and beauty" has not been verified by too many authoritative scientific research, but many beauty experts have found its many benefits through practice. Dr. Cara McDonald, chief dermatologist and head of Complete Skin Specialists, Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne, said, " There is much anecdotal evidence that facial massage is beneficial to the skin and may improve some signs of aging.”

In the past two years, as an Oriental maintenance technique derived from China, the beauty effect of scraping is widely found by the overseas public. According to Google Trend, the search term for "Gua Sha" soared globally in April last year, especially in Europe and the US, and has remained moderate, becoming one of the hottest beauty trends in the recently years.


With the help of social media and its own beauty effects, scraping has been widely welcomed. Scraping, is in the scraping part of the scraping oil, and then with the scraping board scraping in the same direction, not scraping back and forth, pay attention to the uniform force, until the emergence of the red seal, but not too hard, easy to bleed, it will lose the role of promoting blood circulation and detoxification.

Scraping mainly needs to pay attention to the strength, to patients to adapt to the primary principle. If the strength is too heavy, the speed is too fast, it is also easy to scratch the skin, and cannot play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Although there are many benefits, but these types of people are not suitable for gua sha.

First of all, women during pregnancy and menstruation, during which the body is relatively weak, cupping at this time, it is easy to lead to abnormal menstruation, menstrual volume is increased, and more serious is that it may lead to fetal abortion.

There are skin allergies and its own skin damage to the crowd, whether it is cupping and scraping, easy to lead to their skin infection, scald, we must be clear in advance.

Weak people, such as people who have just undergone surgery and did not recover, and some people with lung diseases, such as tuberculosis, if cupping will lead to the air pressure change in the chest, causing pneumothorax and other symptoms.

In addition, like children under the age of 6, people with high blood pressure, cancer patients, people with a bad heart, after eating and drinking enough or hungry can not try cupping scraping, not only can not play the role of health care, but also hurt the body, the gain outweighs the loss.

Here need to say the old man cupping, although many old people uncomfortable, love to go, actually 70% of the old man is not suitable for cupping, because they have some diseases, think scrapping cupping can improve immunity, on the contrary, because of this move, lower immunity, the body is worse and worse, have the first or need to go to the hospital to do regular treatment.

Scraping is always a means of health care, to expect that a simple treatment can cure all diseases, it is obviously unrealistic, but also need to be treated rationally.

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