Why in autumn and winter lips easily dry crack peeling?

Why in autumn and winter lips easily dry crack peeling?

In the autumn and winter season, the lips appear dry crack and peeling, and the climate characteristics of the autumn and winter season are closely related, at the same time, in this climate environment factors stimulated, some physical factors or bad living habits factors, will also induce or aggravate the lip dry crack, peeling.


  • Climate and environmental factors:in autumn and winter, the air in the sky is dry, the environmental humidity is low, the blood circulation of the skin mucosa will be weakened, some people will appear dry lips, peeling phenomenon.
  • Body factors:
  1. Suffering from seasonal cold or rhinitis, because of the stuffy nose can only open the mouth breathing, resulting in excessive water loss of the lip mucosa, can also appear dry cleft lips, peeling.
  2. People with chronic labilitis can present with recurrent episodes of dry lips and peeling.
  • Bad living habits factors:
  1. Like licking the lips repeatedly, or like to tear the dry skin on the mouth hand, these behaviors will destroy the protective membrane of the lips themselves, resulting in more easy water loss on the lips.
  2. People who like to smoke, drinkers are also prone to dry lips, peeling.
  3. Not used to eating vegetables and fruits, leading to insufficient vitamin intake, also can induce dry lips, peeling.
  4. Do not like to drink water, resulting in the body lack of water, lips lack of water performance has lips dry, peeling.


How should the lip of dry crack in autumn and winter season do?

Autumn and winter dry lip crack can be improved by lip care or adjust diet, wait to use a product to undertake lip care, daub a few lip balm, still can undertake alleviate and prevent through the means such as strengthening nutrition.

  • Lip care:
  1. Clean the lips: usually you can use mild products, such as Vaseline, cleaning the lips after smear, and remove the dead skin accumulated on the lips after unloading, to keep the lip skin moist and reduce the occurrence of dry and cracked conditions;
  2. Apply lip balm:if you often bite your lips in autumn and winter, or often suffer from cold wind blowing, there may be dry lips, you can properly apply some lipstick with moisturizing effect, can play the effect of moisturizing lips, but also can improve the phenomenon of dry lips.
  • Diet adjustment:
  1. Hydrating: the weather is dry in autumn and winter, so there will be dry lips, which can be improved by drinking more water, and can play the effect of moisturizing lips, so as to improve the phenomenon of dry lips. You can also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes and apples. And pears, can play a role of fluid and thirst, can also appropriately improve the symptoms of dry lips.
  2. Strengthen nutrition:if you are usually picky or partial eaters, it may lead to a lack of trace elements, and it may also aggravate the dry autumn and winter lips because of the dry air. It can be alleviated by strengthening nutrition, such as eating fresh vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits such as spinach and bananas. This can effectively supplement the body nutrition, and thus improve the phenomenon of dry cleft lips.
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