Why are there so many blackheads on your nose?

Why are there so many blackheads on your nose?

The blackhead on the nose should be a facial skin problem that bothers many people. Mainly because of the existence of blackhead will make a person's facial skin looks dirty, on a person's external image will also cause a relatively large impact. And for most people, the most easy part to grow a blackhead is the nose, mainly because most people's nose pores are relatively thick, but what is the cause of the blackhead on the nose?

Black heads on the nose may be caused by improper eating habits, external factors, endocrine disorders and other reasons.

  1. Eating factors: Normal and healthy eating habits generally do not lead to excessive blackheads. But once the diet is irregular, such as overeating or often eating greasy, sweet, spicy food, it is easy to grow blackhead.
  2. External factors:under some specific external factors, such as the summer when the environmental temperature rises, the nose cleaning is not in place, inappropriate cosmetics, etc., the sebaceous glands are exuberant, the hair follicle mouth is small, and the sebum and dirt will accumulate and jam in the pores, forming the blackheads on the nose.
  3. Endocrine factors: Due to the physiological reasons in women, after the ovulation period, androgen and progesterone rise, and the sebaceous glands are active in secretion, which will also produce blackheads on the nose.

How to clean the blackhead on your nose?

The specific methods are as follows:

  • It is recommended to use topical vitamin A acid cream, adapalin gel, tarzaroxatin gel and other therapeutic drugs. This kind of drugs can promote the release and shedding of abnormal keratinization of the local hair follicle mouth, restore the smooth flow of the hair follicles, and inhibit the secretion of sebum, so it can make the blackhead gradually discharge and fall off.
  • Drugs with exfoliative function can be used, including the use of fruit acid skin, salicylic acid chemical peeling treatment, more effective for removing removal.
  • Can go to the specialized medical treatment or beauty institutions, through the professional acne extruder to remove the blackhead, but do not artificially squeeze, so as not to cause the spread of inflammation or aggravation.
  • Be careful to avoid cosmetics that easily induce acne.
  • In daily life, we want to eat less spicy, greasy food, and too much sweet food, which is conducive to controlling the occurrence of blackheads.


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