What you should know as a boyfriend!

What you should know as a boyfriend!

The appearance of menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon in women, is an important sign of reproductive function maturity, menstrual bleeding usually lasts for 2 to 7 days. Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon of women, but also one of the important contents of comprehensive sex education. Mastering the scientific knowledge related to menstruation helps learners to correctly understand this physiological phenomenon and respect others while loving themselves. 

There are 4 ways to relieve menstrual cramps in girls.

  1. Exercise and conditioning.

Exercise does not necessarily have to go to the gym, nor does it have to run, commuting and brisk walking every day, can improve blood circulation, which is also a good way to relieve physical weakness and menstrual cramps. Practicing Yoga is also a good choice. Not only can relax the mood, develop a good figure, but also can maintain smooth blood, reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

  1. Hot compress and conditioning.

Keep warm when you have menstrual cramps. Only the body is warm up, qi and blood will flow unobstructed, dysmenorrhea is naturally relieved. When dysmenorrhea comes, hot compress in the lower abdomen for a few minutes can relieve the pain. This heating pad is very convenient and effective.

Highlights of the product

  • 2-iN-1 menstrual heating pad

A lot of females suffer menstrual pain around the world, we design this device, just want females have a good period time.

  • High-frequency vibration massage & Heating functions

Three vibration massage modes: 3000, 4500, 6000 vibrations/Min.

Three heating temperatures: 113℉, 131℉ and 149℉

  • Magnetic proximity charging
  1. More convenient
  2. More efficient
  • Touch switch
  1. Quickly double touch it to turn the function on.
  2. Point touch it to adjust modes.
  3. Touch it for 3 seconds to turn it off.
  • Graphene heating


Graphene heating can spread the thermal energy in a large area.

This menstrual heating pad device has a built-in graphene heating film, which has high thermal conductivity and can quickly generate heat after being turned on. You can feel the heat quickly without waiting.


  1. Diet conditioning.

Control your diet when you have your period. Can not eat raw and cold, ice, also can not eat white radish, wax gourd and other too strong cold food. The most delicious food to enrich blood, rich in iron food. The second is rich in vitamin E and promote blood circulation and ventilation, warm meridian and disperse cold food.

  1. Foot bath.

Foot bath can not only relieve fatigue, but also improve dysmenorrhea. Soak your feet in hot water before bed can promote blood circulation and prevent deposition of blood at the end of the body.


Girls' monthly menstrual period will have a certain impact on their own life and body. At this time, it is suggested that boys should pay attention to the following matters:

First: the hormone level of the female body changes during menstruation. Some girls will be affected emotionally, may appear irritability, irritability, pessimism, depression and other emotional problems. Sometimes it may be transferred to the boys, but it is suggested that the boys should tolerate the girls 'emotions, do not need to quarrel with them, and patiently ease the girls' emotions.

Second: girls will have the physiological phenomenon of menstrual pain. You suggest you take more rest. At this time, it is suggested that boys should take care of girls, do more housework, and can also cook brown sugar and ginger tea for girls to relieve the pain for girls.

Third: suggest the female girl physiological period to prohibit the occurrence of sex life. Because menstrual girls have low immunity, improper sexual life is easy to cause gynecological diseases.


Girls should avoid participating in strenuous sports when menstruation, so as not to excessive fatigue lead to decreased resistance, induce colds and other diseases. Pay attention to rest and ensure enough sleep time. Eat foods that are nutritious and easy to digest and absorb, which is beneficial to enhance physical fitness, restore energy.

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