What exactly makes your skin age faster!

What exactly makes your skin age faster!

There are many causes harmful to your skin.

  1. Don't love usingsunscreen.

Because the ultraviolet light in the sun is more harmful to the skin, easy to accelerate the aging speed of the skin. Especially the summer ultraviolet ray intensity is higher, it is necessary to do a good job of daily sunscreen work. Prevent irritation to skin cells and affect their normal growth. Once water is lost, it can cause dryness and fine lines, which will look a little older.

  1. Stay up late.

Staying up late this bad habit of staying up late is very harmful to women's skin, it will affect the movement of qi and blood and the metabolism and absorption of nutrients, and the endocrine disorders will occur. With poor skin metabolism, various skin problems will be realized. Not only grow fine lines, but also grow acne, a lot of melanin accumulation in the face to speed up the aging speed.

  1. Obesity.

Obesity can also accelerate female aging, if the body is too much fat, not only will make people feel bloated, but also cause a lot of chronic diseases. If you want to maintain a young state, you must control your figure, strengthen physical exercise to promote the speed of the body metabolism. Timely metabolism of all excess oil, to a certain extent, can play a role in delaying aging and strengthening muscle cells.

  1. Poor mood.

Emotional influence is affected by external factors, often in a negative mood, which will accelerate the production of free radicals in the cells, and the speed of human aging will also accelerate. Keeping an optimistic and cheerful attitude can make people look younger. And long-term tension and pressure, causing endocrine disorders lead to the aging of organs and tissues. Whether it's to make yourself younger, or to make yourself healthier. So you must have a positive attitude towards life, learn to self-regulate bad emotions.


Because these reasons are too common, we should pay more attention to our skin state.

  • in-1 Electric Facial Massager Set
  • All steel body

All of the face massage device is made of steel, it is very durable, sturdy and of high quality. Because of the material, the face massager set is all body waterproof.

  • Highlights of the product

  1. Tshape massage head

The T shape massage head is used for under eyes and corner of nose and mouth. Massage from the inside out.

  1. Face roller massage head

The roller is for large area of the body, such as neck, cheek, legs. Massage from bottom to top.

  1. Ushape massage head

Used for press points on your face and body, so that the massager can reduce stress and promote blood circulation.



Children under 10 years old

Pregnant women

People with wound on face or body

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