What do you want to know more about Gua Sha?

What do you want to know more about Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a way of daily health care treatment. Repeated scraping and friction on the body surface resulted in local red granular spots in the skin. Because the process of scraping will lead to the subcutaneous capillaries broken, the emergence of subcutaneous capillaries a small amount of seepage blood and show red. Scraping, will induce changes in the human immune system, and then for the inflammatory response for some adjustment and treatment. And make the scraping site and other parts of the body, especially the pain, adverse joint activities, and fever and other conditions can be treated by the immune system. Through scraping can carry out related treatment for the human body, the application of traditional Chinese medicine theory for dredging the meridians, for the improvement of qi and blood and detoxification, are very great benefits.


What is the reason why the skin becomes red after scraping?

normal phenomenon.

Scraping is one of the commonly used external conditioning methods in traditional Chinese medicine, it is using scraping board according to the meridians and acupoints as the theory of scraping the body surface, through the stimulation of the local skin, can promote the local blood circulation accelerated, so the color of the skin becomes red. And when the scraping strength is too large, the subcutaneous capillaries rupture, the red blood cells will seep out and accumulate in the subcutaneous cause will also appear, this is a normal phenomenon, and different colors can also represent different body states.


What does the different colors of the skin represent after scraping?

  • red

Bright red represents the body, Yang Qi is strong;

Dark red represents a fever in the body;

Purple red indicates that the body is hot and humid situation is more serious.

  • purple

Purple represents eczema in the body;

Light green purple represents the body qi deficiency, and the blood stasis is more serious;

Green and purple represents the heavy cold and wet conditions in the body;

Purple red fever reflects the body dampness and heat of the serious.

  • black

Black fever often reflects the body cold disease is more serious;

Purple black and dark fever represents the serious blood stasis in the body and the signs of chills.


Is the back pain normal after scraping?


It is normal to have a slight back pain after scraping. Because the scraping needs a certain amount of strength, and the scraping board directly contact with the skin. When a little heavy, it will cause a certain contusion to the skin soft tissue, which can cause pain. Such conditions do not require treatment and generally resolve spontaneously.


Is the skin itching normal after scraping?


Generally, after the scraping of the skin will not appear itching symptoms. If encountered, it may be related to the following reasons:

  1. Allergic to the media used in scraping, resulting in skin itching and other allergic symptoms after scraping;
  2. The scraping strength is too heavy, causing excessive damage to the skin, making the skin cuticle damage and itching symptoms.


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