What do you know about brown sugar water?

What do you know about brown sugar water?

Brown sugar water can relieve dysmenorrhea, because brown sugar is rich in calcium and iron and other mineral nutrition elements. Proper drinking of hot brown sugar water can warm the body to replenish energy. At the same time, brown sugar water has a certain role of activating qi and blood to promote blood discharge, and achieve the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea.

Menopause due to pelvic congestion and endometrial release of a large number of prostaglandins, causing pelvic organ contraction, lower abdominal falling pain, waist acid discomfort and other dysmenorrhea symptoms. At this time, drinking some brown sugar water, can relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, because brown sugar and ginger water has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, rich in energy, can improve pelvic congestion, uterine contraction, so as to improve the symptoms of patients.

Because brown sugar water has the effect of dispersing cold and promoting blood circulation, it can be used to relieve some mild dysmenorrhea clinically, and it is indeed caused by cold. However, because the cause of dysmenorrhea itself is more, and the severity of everyone is different, so not all dysmenorrhea can be relieved by brown sugar water, especially dysmenorrhea combined with primary diseases, such as uterine fibroids, or chocolate cysts caused by endometriosis.

The relieving effect of drinking brown sugar water may be relatively weak, especially when the fibroids, or the cyst volume is large, so in order to avoid the occurrence of acute abdomen, it is suggested that patients should go to the hospital in time to make clear whether surgical treatment is needed. Usually, brown sugar water is better for cold and blood blood cramps, and appropriate roses can also be added while drinking brown sugar water.

Often dysmenorrhea women, can keep some brown sugar, after early drinking brown sugar water can effectively prevent the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. In addition, women with frequent dysmenorrhea should be alert to pelvic organic diseases, such as endometriosis, myoadenosis, etc. Menstrual period needs to pay attention to more rest, keep enough sleep, avoid raw and cold food diet, maintain a light diet, generally for the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be helpful.


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