This habit can hurt your skin!

This habit can hurt your skin!

People are often used to touching their face with their hands, but do you know what the effects of touching their face frequently will have?

What are the disadvantages of often touching your face? Will make the face long acne acne long acne, must endure not to squeeze acne, otherwise it will leave a permanent scar on the face. You can imagine how many bacteria can touch your face frequently. Studies have shown that people on average touch the face for about three to six times an hour. And their hands have touched a lot of things with bacteria before, these bacteria transfer from the hands to the face to form acne.

Many people in life will always have the habit of touching their face, in reading a book is sleepy when choosing to hold the chin with their hands, which has become a common habit. It is precisely because of this humble habit, easy to lead to facial wrinkles to accelerate skin aging. When the hand to frequently touch the face, it is easy to squeeze the skin badly, resulting in the face formation of wrinkles, wrinkles will form from now on.

Face skin is the most fragile, so it is very difficult to repair after forming wrinkles, hands and bacteria often contact, when the hand bacteria did not clean after touching the face easy to cause facial bacteria dirt stick on the face, it is easy to make these bacteria on the pores of the face, and cause acne acne.

The face itself has already started acne women in the face with the hands of the bacteria will increase the speed of acne spread, and but also easy to spread the bacteria contained in acne to other parts, the growth of acne last out of control, which has caused serious damage to skin care. In addition to ordinary wash face must be clean, must avoid frequent wash face, otherwise it is also a kind of harm to the skin.

From the perspective of disease infection, medical workers are advised not to touch the position of the eyes, nasal mucosa and lips to avoid the spread of the virus during the COVID-19 period. In addition, the study noted that up to a quarter of respiratory diseases are caused by hands touching the face. Visible, often touch the face easy to lead to disease infection.

From the perspective of skin protection, when touching the face, hand bacteria are easily brought to the face skin. Long-term face-touching habits will repeatedly stimulate the skin and harm the skin barrier. Serious cases may cause skin diseases, such as skin sensitivity and facial acne.

So in our daily life, we should reduce the number of times of touching our faces with our hands. This is not only for your skin health, but also for reducing the spread of the disease to some extent.

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