The Function of Hot Compress And Cold Compress

The Function of Hot Compress And Cold Compress

Hot compress and cold compress have their own different effects, hot compress the main effect is to promote blood circulation, cold compress the main effect is to calm and anti-inflammatory.


The first is hot compress.

Hot compress can increase the local skin temperature, accelerate the speed of blood circulation, and is conducive to cell metabolism. After a few minutes, the blood vessels and pores of the face will relax. Can effectively promote the metabolism of skin toxins, remove the dark sink. At this time, using facial cleanser cleaning is also more effective, but also conducive to the absorption of skin care products.

The second is cold compress.

Cold compress is mainly to quickly reduce the local skin temperature. On the one hand, reduce the speed of blood circulation, reduce the bleeding and exudation in the affected area, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating swelling. On the other hand, cold compress reduces the local temperature, which can inhibit the sensory function of nerve endings to some extent. It can briefly relieve pain, reduce local inflammation, and have a good calming effect on facial allergy. In addition, the cold compress can also reduce the pores to some extent, making the skin more smooth and delicate. Face burns can also be cooled on ice in the summer.


Waterproof design

It’s so amazing to enjoy massage time in the bath. Both device are waterproof design. However, don’t soak the device in water. (If you doesn’t close the battery compartment well, water would perhaps percolate into device and caused device broken.)


Just put it in cold or hot water for 5 seconds, and you can easily experience the beauty effects of cold and hot compresses;

Hot therapy: Relax the skin, promote blood circulation.

Cold therapy: Calming, firming, lifting.


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