Specific steps of Gua Sha

Specific steps of Gua Sha

Scraping therapy, is a wonderful flower of our Chinese medical skills. Because of its simplicity and ease, it is widely popular. Now scraping therapy is not only limited to recuperation, but also has become an important method of people's daily life and health. Facial scraping, as a branch of scraping, has become a beauty method in clinical and beauty institutions.

Facial scraping is by scraping the face from the bottom. Before scraping, it is necessary to first evenly smear essential oil on the face, with scraping board from bottom to top. The skin around the orbit is relatively tender, scraping should pay attention to the intensity of slow, slow. You need to scrape from top to bottom. When scraping, each part can not be more than five minutes, because the facial skin is relatively delicate, scraping strength is too large or too long, will produce a heavy stimulation to the facial skin, resulting in large pores, so that the skin looks more rough. There are many benefits of facial scraping, which can promote facial blood circulation, improve sagging skin, and increase the elasticity of facial skin.


The principle of Gua Sha

Scraping is a kind of physical therapy, the principle is to remove the blood stasis attached to the blood vessel wall, and then reabsorbed into the blood vessels, after the systemic circulation, discharged from the urine. Scraping is one of traditional Chinese medicine, its basic principle stems from meridian theory, the "skin" is the focus of scraping cure, scraping therapy is with the help of some special tools, the specific parts of the body surface benign stimulation, the stimulation through the conduction or reflection of meridians to the body, stimulate and adjust the physiological function of the disorder, make the relative balance of Yin and Yang, the functional coordination between the ministries, so as to achieve cure and enhance the role of human disease resistance.


Facial scraping effect

  1. Improve the hydration ability of the cuticle layer to play a moisturizing effect.
  2. Improve facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, delay aging and beauty.
  3. Remove yellow, whiten, and regulate skin tone.
  4. Desininate pigment and spots.
  5. Enhance skin immunity.


Problems that can be solved

  1. Loose face, dry and rough skin.
  2. Eliminate small facial wrinkles and relieve large facial wrinkles.
  3. Small eye wrinkles, eye bags, black circles under the eyes, to prevent eye aging.
  4. Dark and yellow face, and uneven skin tone.
  5. Brown spots
  6. Pigmentation.
  7. Coough facial pores and strong oil secretion.
  8. Allergic skin.

Facial scraping method

  1. Frontal, from the brow to the forehead hairline, from the bottom-up, and then from the middle to both sides.
  2. The nose is from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, from top to bottom.
  3. Eye: upper and lower from epiccanthus to epiccanthus.
  4. Nose wing: from the nose wing to the temples on both sides
  5. Mouth: from both sides of the mouth to the middle of the ear.
  6. Chaw: from the chin to the depression behind the ear (Yifeng point).
  7. Gently knead the acupoints.


Matters need attention

Not suitable for scraping people:

  1. The firsttype of people: excessive fatigue, drunk, hungry, pregnant women, highly sensitive skin, skin damage, menstrual period, children.
  2. The second type of people: people with poor kidney function, patients suffering from severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, aplastic anemia, leukemia, fracture, sprain parts, thrombocytopenia, hypertension, infectious skin diseases, and deficiency of qi and blood.

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