Scalp Massager Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Comb

There are many causes of modern hair loss.

The first is the genetic factors. Androgenic alopecia is the most common disease, both in men and women, and more in men.

The second is the cause of irregular work and rest. Many people often stay up late, but staying up late will make the scalp secrete oil to produce an inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory reaction will not only lead to increased dandruff, scalp redness, but also will shorten the hair follicle cycle, inhibit the growth of hair, make the hair thinner, soft, and gradually fall off. Staying up late can also promote the human body to produce stress hormones, thus affecting the hair follicle cycle and accelerating hair loss.

Third, the mental pressure is too great. Whether it is work stress or life stress, it can lead to hair loss.

We have launched the following product for hair loss.


2-IN-1 Massage Comb

  • With Comb Head

Care of Hair II Anti Hair loss

  • Without Comb Head

Massage neck and shoulder II Avoid neck or shoulder Pain

With shock massage, Help to promote blood circle, relax and fatigue relief. Frequent use can prevent from headache or intermittent headache.

  • Easily clean the Dismountable Comb Head

Easily Take Comb Head Down

The Electric Hair Comb Massage Brush is powered by 2*AA batteries(not included). Besides, high frequency vibrations may be accompanied by a little noise.

Just Press the Button on the Top of apparatus.

  • Clean it Regularly

Due to after several days using, the massage comb would be dirty.

We suggest, clean it every month or two week.    

  • Anti Hair Loss
  1. Massage Scalp and root of hair. The soft infrared of the wavelength can help you enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to hair follicle, to prevent hair loss effect
  2. Promote hair follicle cell keep active and enhance absorption for oxygen and water


Massage comb has the effect of promoting head hair and blood circulation to hair loss. Massage comb can mainly effectively prevent the scalp oil secretion is too much, can make the scalp healthier, improve hair loss problems, effectively relieve fatigue, make people relax and relieve the work pressure. Massage comb can improve the quality of sleep, effectively relieve insomnia symptoms, and has the effect of lowering blood pressure, relieve dizziness, dizziness symptoms. In order to facilitate consumers to buy, we have opened a multi-channel purchase. You can buy it not only on the official website, but also on Amazon. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact the staff. We are very happy to answer your questions.

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