Nature Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone for Facial Body Care

Nature Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone for Facial Body Care

The Gua Sha facial massage is an ancient beauty ritual known for its ability to breathe new life into the skin. Gua sha scraping massage tool made by 100% natural pemium jade stone, which is beneficial minerals to skin beauty and body. Long lasting, super easy to care, static free.


Benefits of Jade Gua Sha

Natural jade has many kinds of minerals that are beneficial to the body.

  1. Remove eye bags and dark circles
  2. Enhance immunity
  3. Slimming
  4. Regulate women's menstrual period, relieve physical fatigue
  5. Relieve muscle tension caused by long hours of work
  6. Expand capillaries, help blood circulation, prevent the high blood pressure, expand capillaries also help the secretion of sweat glands, perspiration makes the body in good condition.



The gua sha board is made of high quality jade, long lasting, and super easy to clean. 100% natural material is very close to the human body's skin and helpful to remove facial wrinkles and acne.



Our jade gua sha board is made 100% jade, each of them is different. If the color and texture are not the same, it is normal.



  1. Facial cleansing
  2. Apply essential oils or skin care products to the area you want to scrape
  3. Use our rose quartz to scrape the face and body
  4. Warm the body or face with a hot compress
  5. Use facial mask or other skin care products to moisturize skin


Precautions About Gua Sha On Body


Before gua sha, you must first apply a special scraping oil to reduce the friction between the skin and the scraper, reduce skin damage.


It is normal that you feel not comfortable after gua sha and you should keep warm after scraping. Do not take a cold shower within 30 minutes after scraping.

  2. Pregnant woman
  3. People with skin diseases
  4. People with skin wounds
  5. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases


Benefits of Gua Sha Scrapping Tool


  • FACE

Massage and scrape to achieve the magical effect of beauty, revitalizing and rosy, removing wrinkles.

  • BACK

The process of scraping is to promote the expansion of skin blood vessels until the rupture of blood vessels. The correct scraping technique can promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, promote metabolism.


Long-term constipation will not only affect the digestion and absorption function, but also make the body in bad condition. The scraping board can be used to scrape the abdomen from top to bottom, from left to right. It should be noted that if there is sagging of internal organs, it should be scraped from bottom to top.

  • LEGS

Eliminate fat and swelling of the legs, fine and short lines, just in line with the flow of the leg's veins, promote blood circulation, eliminate fat and activate blood, make the skin elastic and well-proportioned.

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