Menstrual Fast Heating Pad with 3 Heat Levels and 3 Vibration Massage Modes

Menstrual Fast Heating Pad with 3 Heat Levels and 3 Vibration Massage Modes

There are a lot of female friends are palace cold problem, once encountered palace cold problem, so, the patient will appear after pain, menstrual abnormal these abnormal conditions, that condition once not properly handled, also may cause pregnancy affected, therefore, many were palace cold ladies are looking forward to themselves can improve this problem.


Menstrual heating belt every use half an hour, has good hot compress and massage effect, after use can maintain the ovary and promote blood circulation, but it is good. You should pay attention to control good time, every time use half an hour or so, dysmenorrhea more serious words can use about an hour. The correct use of warm palace belt can make the lower abdomen more comfortable, relieve the discomfort of menstruation.

Menstrual heating pad is mainly for women with palace cold products and the main effect in treating palace cold is very ideal. It can warm the uterus and generally recommended to use it during menstruation, or in a few days before menstruation. Use it once in 2 days, but not recommended for pregnant women. When using the belt, to follow the use method of operation.

High-frequency vibration massage & Heating functions

Three vibration massage modes: 3000, 4500, 6000 vibrations/Min.

Three heating temperatures: 113℉, 131℉ and 149℉

Quickly double touch it to turn the function on. Point touch it to adjust modes. Touch it for 3 seconds to turn it off.


This menstrual heating pad device has a built-in graphene heating film, which has high thermal conductivity and can quickly generate heat after being turned on. You can feel the heat quickly without waiting.

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