Have you ever experienced the top 5 hair combing troubles?

Have you ever experienced the top 5 hair combing troubles?

Have you ever encountered five problems in combing your hair?

Do you ever have trouble combing your hair? I've had trouble with it myself sometimes. Here are five common problems people have when trying to comb their hair: static electricity, hair knotting, the inability of the combing needle to contact the scalp, unsmooth combing, and pulling pain. We developed this product in response to the above problems.


This wig brush set includes two brushes and a cleaning brush. They help you to take care of your wigs and synthetic wigs. A must have complement for all wigs.

This wig comb brush is made of durable wood and stainless steel needle, which contributes to detangle the hair and style your hair effectively.

We suggest to take care of your natural hair first, then comb the wig with steel needle brush, and then use a nylon comb after putting the wig on your head.

No Snag, No Worries.

Whether the wig is thick, short, long, curler, our wig brush can help you arrange your wigs. The material we use is different from other products, it can pass through the hair smoothly without pulling the hair off like other type of hair comb.


  1. Although the comb needle is made of metal, it can massage the scalp, promote the blood circulation of the head and relax the head after special treatment.
  2. The air cushion enables the comb needle to move. Our comb will not entangle your hair, nor will it make you worry about pulling your hair again.
  3. We will give you a cleaning brush as a gift. You can clean these combs with this brush.

In order to facilitate consumers to buy, we have opened a multi-channel purchase. You can buy it not only on the official website, but also on Amazon. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact the staff. We are very happy to answer your questions.

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