Golden 3D Roller Electric Energy Face Roller

Golden 3D Roller Electric Energy Face Roller

Facial massager is a very simple and practical thin face product, simple and practical function, to meet the requirements of friends on facial maintenance. The unique elastic fiber ensures the flexibility of the product; promote blood circulation and beauty and thin face, so that you can be effectively relaxed after the depressed work. You can often use a facial massager, which can make the skin tender, smooth and delicate.


Under normal circumstances, massage the face has improved skin quality, eliminate fatigue and other benefits, in daily life, patients often massage the face has a greater help to the body.

  1. Improve skin: patients massage face can make facial muscles and nerves to relax fully, accelerate the metabolism of facial cells, promote aging cells, help discharge toxins in the skin, make facial skin more elastic, has the benefits of improving skin, make the face looks more ruddy, shiny, help to improve the overall temperament.
  2. Eliminate fatigue: Patients who massage the face can stimulate the acupoints on the face, dredge the meridians and relax the muscles, help to promote blood circulation, help to improve the condition of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes, relieve visual fatigue, and have the benefits of eliminating fatigue.

Promote skin better absorption

Massage increases the osmotic pressure of the skin. The higher the osmotic pressure, the stronger the permeability. Then skin has better absorption for skin care products.


Waterproof design

360° waterproof design design. You can even use it in bath. But do not soak in water for a long time.


Scope of application

Facial massager is mainly aimed at: round face, double chin, facial edema, neck, which can promote fat metabolism very well, and improve the relaxed state of the face. It is a favorite of fashion women.



The package includes, T shape device x1; 3D roller shape device x1; Pouch x1 ; Cleaning wipe x1.

Due to some brand rechargeable AA batteries are oversize. If you have difficulty in putting battery, please change other normal brand AA battery. Then it would work well.

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