Female skin care tips in autumn and winter

Female skin care tips in autumn and winter

  • What should skin care pay attention to in autumn and winter?
  1. There are four taboos in the winter bath.

Avoid too often, avoid water too hot, avoid rubbing too heavy, avoid soap alkaline too strong. Otherwise, it is very easy to destroy the skin surface of the original little sebum, making the skin drier, and therefore more likely to itch, chapped. The number of baths is 1-2 times a week. After the bath can wipe some licorice oil, antiitching cream, moisturizer, olive oil, keep the skin moist, prevent the skin surface dry, fall off.

  1. Keep warm and protect your skin from frostbite.

Winter temperature is low, the skin exposed outside the part is easy to frostbite, such as hands, head, neck and so on, etc. The feet are also vulnerable to cold, so we should pay attention to these parts of the cold insulation. Can wrap a scarf, wear gloves, earcases, wear cotton shoes to keep warm. You can also rub your hands and ears at any time. Avoid wearing wet clothes, shoes and socks, at the same time, after washing the hand face to dry can go out.

  1. Avoid using inferior skin care products.

Inferior skin care products because of impure texture or containing lead, toxic to the skin. Some skin care products contain the spice that causes allergy easily, can allergy after use, make pigment increase even. Cause damage to the skin. Especially in winter, in the case of less sebum, the damage is even worse. Therefore, we should choose a good winter suitable for skin care products, to hydrate and moisturizing, do not wipe too thick face, bet to plug the pores, it is easy to grow acne.

  1. Dress should be soft.

Winter cold dress more, if do not pay attention to wearing, more easy to feel skin itching. This is due to the body and clothes, clothes and clothes constantly friction to produce static electricity, static electricity to stimulate the skin.

Accordingly, winter should choose pure cotton as far as possible, true silk and so on are not easy to produce static electricity clothes to do underwear, underwear, shirt. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the clothes collocation, wearing a polyester shirt, do not wear an acrylic sweater, wearing synthetic fiber clothes inside, the outside should not wear the insulation of the polyester coat, to prevent static electricity is appropriate.

  1. Pay attention to food health care to prevent dry skin.

When the human body lacks vitamin A, the skin will become dry, scales appear, and even make the skin appear spine papules, so the winter should eat more food rich in vitamin A, such as pig liver, poultry eggs, cod liver oil. You also can often eat sesame seeds (sesame oil), soybeans, peanuts and other food. Usually do not drink water because of thirsty, drink water every day. You can also drink some honey water every day, and eat some water content with high vitamin C content.

  • How to protect your skin in autumn and winter

1 Dry skin. Wash facial cleanser should choose moist better facial cleanser. Cleaning action should be as gentle as possible to avoid damage to the already dry skin. Cleaning times should not be frequent, morning and evening each time is enough.

2 Neutral skin. Pay attention to daily facial cleaning, do a deep cleaning mask at least once a week, maintain a natural luster, apply a little daily cream when needed, pay attention to daily care, to prevent the skin from turning into mixed or dry skin.

3 Oil skin. You should wash more faces to keep your skin dry and clean. Use high water portions for skin care products to balance too much oil.

4 Mixed skin. Mixed skin quality should not apply cream. You can choose to do a facial mask with deep cleaning and tight pores to control too much oil.

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