Everyone has the heart of loving beauty.

Everyone has the heart of loving beauty.

Everyone has the heart of loving beauty. The secret recipe of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign women beauty raises beauty that is multifarious, the thin face beauty instrument that our modern people use, had in ancient times actually, it is manual massage just.

Marianna Hewitt is a leading American beauty blogger who has more than 70 million followers on Instagram. After reading an article about the jade roller online, I also bought one and shared my experience on Instagram and YouTube. This also prompted the jade roller in Europe and American areas of the hot online.... Many female stars also began their own jade roller journey.

Later, the jade roller massager was once popular overseas, many foreign stars, beauty bloggers, have also picked up the Chinese jade roller, massage on the face, are full of praise.


The role of jade

The trace elements in jade help the skin to maintain vitality, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal and anti-aging, thin face beauty lifting and tightening effect.

The main function of jade roller is to promote facial blood circulation, massage lymphatic system, help cell metabolism, can also reduce swelling, improve skin relaxation.

Morning skin care usage: mainly with cheekbones and mandibular area to reduce swelling, promote blood circulation.

Evening skin care usage: accelerate the absorption of more texture moist skin care products, and play the effect of massage lift at the same time.


Tips: Before skin care, do the horny cleaning work first.

Cold touch, and the skin fit, a kind of innate comfort. One end of the big head can be used for a large area of skin care massage, and one end of the small head is used for a small area of skin care, so that the skin can be released in all directions. Massage the eyes to fade the fine lines; massage the temples to refresh the brain; massage the cheeks and chin to tighten the skin and shape the facial lines; and massage the neck to release the pressure. Still can use warm water blister, pass through jade heat conduction effect, strengthen blood circulation. With maintenance products use, also can be better absorption.


Attention! The following is the focus of this article!

  1. When using jade rollers, it is actually the same as we use other beauty instruments. Before we use them, we should first use massage cream or massage oil products to smear them on the skin to reduce the pull of the skin.
  2. Next, start from the clavicle, from the bottom up, gradually move to the chin and neck, according to the bridge of the nose, perilip, cheeks, forehead order, and finally strengthen the focus on the eyes.
  3. When massage, the rolling direction should also be maintained upward and outward direction, and the pulling face should avoid pulling down to produce fine lines.
  4. Jade scraping board can achieve a thin face by scraping the face.
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