Do you know about these kinds of Gua Sha boards?

Do you know about these kinds of Gua Sha boards?

Scraping has a long history. Scraping has a relatively profound traditional Chinese medicine heritage, but also as a popular way of health care. There are many kinds of scraping boards on the market, but in fact, different scraping boards have different effects, and they are in different shapes, with different materials. The material of the scraping board has ox horn, jade, porcelain and so on. So what material of the scraping board is good?

1, the cow horn scraping board.

In the life of the ox horn scraping board is the best one of all the scraping board. It is made of buffalo horn or yellow cow horn made of scraping plate has a semicircle and fish shape and other different shapes. It can promote blood circulation and moisten the skin, has an important role of clearing away heat and detoxification, and with the ox horn scraping board scraping can let the poisonous gas in the body discharged as soon as possible.

2, jade scraping board. 

In life with jade scraping board effect is also particularly good, jade contains a variety of trace elements, these substances in the scraping process can also be absorbed by the human body. It can play an important role in calming the mind, strengthening the body and preventing disease. In addition, if it is to do facial scraping, it is best to choose the jade scraping board with relatively small damage nature, which contains rich trace elements, can play the effect of nourishing Yin and clearing heat and fitness to dispel disease, in the process of scraping can also nourish the facial skin, is conducive to skin health, make the skin becomes more delicate and smooth.

Natural Jade

The gua sha board is made of high quality jade, long lasting, and super easy to clean. 100% natural material is very close to the human body's skin and helpful to remove facial wrinkles and acne. Our jade gua sha board is made 100% jade, each of them is different. If the color and texture are not the same, it is normal.

3, beeswax scraping board.

In life beeswax scraping board is also a good quality scraping plate, it can not only quickly out of the sha, let the body endotoxin discharge, also can let the body to absorb some effective nutrition, actually beeswax scraping board should be a kind of amber scraping board, it is a kind of natural ore, mild nature, with it scraping effect is particularly good.

4, the magnetic therapy scraping board.

In life, the magnetic therapy scraping board is also a kind of scraping effect is particularly good health care appliances, it is a combination of traditional technology and modern magnetic therapy technology made of a scraping board. It can not only promote human metabolism, but also have promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and reducing swelling and pain relief, anti-inflammatory sterilization and other effects, which have certain benefits to maintaining human health.

Not suitable for scraping people:

Excessive fatigue, drunk, hungry and capricious, pregnant women, highly sensitive skin, skin damage, menstrual period, children.

People with poor kidney function, serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, leukemia, fractures, hypertension, infectious skin diseases.


The effect of facial scraping

1, Detox and nourish beauty:facial scraping can detoxify and nourish beauty. Facial scraping can promote facial blood circulation, accelerate the speed of intracellular toxin and waste metabolism, and thus play a role in detoxification and beauty care.

2, Enhance immunity: Facial scraping can enhance immunity. Facial scraping can stimulate the facial acupoints and meridians, enhance the immune function of cells, thus reducing the chance of disease.

3, Relieve fatigue: facial scraping can relieve fatigue. Facial scraping can massage and stimulate local muscles, so that local muscles can relax and play a role in relieving fatigue.

4, Tight skin:facial scraping can tighten the skin. Facial scraping can produce a certain stimulation to the skin, thus promoting the speed of the facial skin metabolism, so that the skin becomes more intense.

However, it should be noted that the facial scraping should pay attention to the frequency, to avoid too frequent.

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