Do you have these skin problems, too?

Do you have these skin problems, too?

Autumn and winter weather gradually gets colder, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is larger. Even the sun, also faded the midsummer heat, more warm and pleasant. Autumn sunshine shines on the earth, and water gradually decreases with the climate and sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Dry weather and the skin is prone to problems. So what are the problems with our skin in autumn and winter?

  1. Allergy on the season change

Although the sun is good, the climate is pleasant, but this time is the sun ultraviolet light is more intense time. However, the human skin temperature difference with the climate environment is larger, the skin cells will also lose water. In addition, the autumn temperature drops sharply, the moisture in the air decreases, after the skin meets cold, the capillary contraction, the metabolism slows down, and cannot transport sufficient moisture and nutrients to the epidermis. Lack of water can let the skin can appear tight, rough, easy to peeling phenomenon.

  1. Sun exposure allergy

Autumn is the period of less moisture in the air. Once the skin is short of water, the skin channel is blocked. Add the irradiation of sunshine ultraviolet ray, skin surface moisture loss is faster, very quickly, skin cells also can be short of water. During this period, people with weak stratum corneologists are prone to redness, tingling, and allergies.

  1. Sensitive skin allergy

Seasonal changes, prone to acute allergy symptoms, dry skin, redness, itching, redness and itching, peeling and other symptoms. Because the thin cuticle (sensitive skin) women in the alternate seasons, poor immunity; plus the alternate seasons, the temperature is cold, on the other hand, the skin surface is still against the cold, the skin gland secretion function is low, the warm weather makes people endocrine, skin excretion can not catch up with the speed of secretion, leading to the emergence of skin allergy.

So, there are many reasons for allergies. In addition to the external connection, it is also related to decreased autoimmunity. Eighty percent of human diseases are related to the immune system, and almost the vast majority of skin problems are the result of false recognition of the immune system. Therefore, repairing the skin immune mechanism and enhancing immunity is an important measure to solve the problem of the skin from the source.


In the face of allergic skin, it needs to be divided into early treatment and later repair to improve the skin allergy symptoms, and the problem of skin allergy needs to be solved through the following five aspects:

  1. The epidermis has a strong protective effect on the skin, so creating a healthy protective barrier is the key to the treatment of allergies.
  2. Makeup removal and cleaning are the first priority of healthy skin.
  3. Normal PH value is the basis of solving skin problems.
  4. Water accounts for about 75% of the human body, and it is an important substance in cell metabolism. Hydrating and nourishing water is an important measure to correct the sensitive skin.
  5. Coratocyte damage can lead to repeated allergies and weakened defense function.

Therefore, to prevent skin allergy, we must pay attention to maintain the skin moisture, so it will not cause skin problems.

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