Anti Aging Face Massager Roller for Face Lift

Anti Aging Face Massager Roller for Face Lift

2-in-1 Face Massager Kit

The face roller kit comes with a T-shaped face roller with four beads, and a 3D roller. Using the face roller and skin care products together can make it penetrate deeper into the body and absorb the skin care products to the greatest extent.


Attractive highlights


  2. 3D Roller with 360° rotate design adept the whole body skin. Let you enjoy a comfortable massage experience.
  3. Put the face roller on skin and then pull or push it. After massaging, your muscle would be relaxed.

The crescent-shaped face massager has four beads on it. Compared with the last generation "T” shaped massager, it can easily massage the corners on face, such as the nose and the corner of the mouth. The head is embedded with four beads that can rotate 360 degrees to better lift the facial muscles.


360° waterproof design. You can even use it when showering, but don't soak it in water for a long time.


Specific massage is divided into 7 steps:

Step 1, the hands are conical at the same time, gradually moving up to both cheeks.

Step 2, use the index finger and middle finger respectively along the two sides up, and then gently press with all the fingers to the forehead.

Step 3, use the index finger, the ring finger from the center of the upper and lower lips to the sides of the mouth, and gently press with all fingers on the cheekbones.

Step 4, gently massage the middle finger on both sides of the nostrils with both hands.

Step 5, use the index finger and ring finger of both hands to move outward from the inner canthus (inner corner of the eyes), and gently touch the temporal part (around the temple with all fingers).

Step 6, gently press the forehead with the palm root of one hand, and the five fingertips will gradually move up to the hairline, and then change the other hand with the same method, repeat 3-4 times

Step 7, rinse the face with warm water, and then wash it with cold water, effectively reduce the pores.


Facial massage has the following benefits:

  1. Can make the skin more soft, smooth, with nutritional cream also has the effect of delaying aging.
  2. It can improve the local temperature, open pores, accelerate waste excretion, can effectively clean the skin, make the skin more healthy.
  3. Also promote blood circulation and cell growth, can relieve facial fatigue, to the facial acupoints for stimulation; at the same time, also has the dredge meridians, eliminate swelling and regulate metabolism.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the massage technique, try to match cream or skin care essential oil to massage together, otherwise improper massage is easy to aggravate facial wrinkles; if there is acne, trauma or infection, strictly prohibit facial massage, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the condition.

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