24k Golden Electric 3D Roller

24k Golden Electric 3D Roller

Every woman, more should live according to their own favorite appearance, rather than in the gossip of others, was forced to lose their original intention. Like beauty, we must work hard to pursue, time in the future will always give you the answer. The surface of beauty is the pursuit of more exquisite appearance, but essentially is the side of the yearning for a beautiful life. There is nothing wrong with such a life, and others' choices deserve respect. But change an attitude of life, the pursuit of more beautiful life and why not?


Highlights of the product

1. 2-in-1 Face Massager Kit

The face roller kit comes with a T-shaped face roller with four beads, and a 3D roller. Using the face roller and skin care products together can make it penetrate deeper into the body and absorb the skin care products to the greatest extent.

  1. 3Droller massage design

  2. 3D Roller with 360° rotate design adept the whole body skin. Let you enjoy a comfortable massage experience.
  3. Put the face roller on skin and then pull or push it. After massaging, your muscle would be relaxed.
  4. Crescent-shaped with four beads

The crescent-shaped face massager has four beads on it. Compared with the last generation "T” shaped massager, it can easily massage the corners on face, such as the nose and the corner of the mouth. The head is embedded with four beads that can rotate 360 degrees to better lift the facial muscles.

  1. Waterroof design

360° waterproof design. You can even use it when showering, but don't soak it in water for a long time.


Massage Directions

  • Forehead

Place your knuckles on your forehead, right between your eyebrows. Gently move them up, towards the hairline, and then sideways towards your temples. Do this in a scraping motion. Repeat this movement five times.

  • Chin

Place your knuckles on your chin in a way that the jawline rests between the knuckles. Gently pull the knuckles upward, along the jawline, toward your ears. Repeat this five times.

  • Neck

Start from the neck area and move upwards. The face roller tool should be held at a 15° angle and be glided gently along the skin.

  • Arm

Relax the arm muscles first, then apply essence, pull the massager from top to bottom.

  • Waist

Apply essence on the skin, then make a 45° angle between the roller and the waist, and move back and forth several times.

  • Leg

First put oil on the legs, pull the massager from bottom to top with moderate strength. The inner thigh skin is very delicate, so pull the massager on your thigh skin gently.


Promote Skin Better Absorption

We suggest using the facial massage tools with skin care products after cleaning the face, which can make it penetrate deeper into the body and absorb the skin care products to the greatest extent.

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