2-in-1 Face massage device

2-in-1 Face massage device

Many people have bought a beauty massager but do not understand the use steps of the beauty massager, worried about the random use of harm to the face. After reading the use steps of the instructions, I believe we all know how to use the beauty massage instrument correctly. Beauty massager is not only convenient to operate, there are a variety of types for consumers to choose.


Highlights of the product

  • High-frequency Vibration

The product can vibrate at 6,000 times per minute. High frequency of massage can greatly promote facial blood circulation. Release Gold Anion, makes skin relaxing and smooth.

  • Waterproof and 360° waterproof design

You can even use it in bath. But do not soak in water for a long time.

  • 70°V shape

This product uses a 70-degree Angle, v-shaped design can more fit the face, to achieve better massage effect.

  • Some details

The package includes, T shape device x1; 3D roller shape device x1; Pouch x1 ; Cleaning wipe x1. This two devices powered by AA battery. Easy to use.

Note: Due to some brand rechargeable AA batteries are oversize. If you have difficulty in putting battery, please change other normal brand AA battery. Then it would work well.


Promote skin better absorption

Massage increases the osmotic pressure of the skin. The higher the osmotic pressure, the stronger the permeability. Then skin has better absorption for skin care products.


The Benefits of Facial Massage

  1. Relieves stress and tension which helps prevent wrinkles. Facial massage can help to relax tense muscles and decrease the lines tense muscles form. Facial massage also helps to relieve anxiety and improve a person’s mood.
  2. Increases circulation. The increase in circulation can give your skin a youthful glow.
  3. Natural Facelift. Massage helps bring oxygen to the area being massaged.
  4. Eliminate toxins. Facial massage can stimulate the lymphatic vessels which facilitates eliminating the toxins built up in the face.
  5. Reduce congestion. Facial massage can help relieve the allergy symptom congestion by improving drainage.
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